Mobil pertama di Indonesia dan Pemilik Mobilnya

Indonesia's first recorded as the owner of the car is Sunan Solo, in 1894. Bermerk Benz car, type of Carl Benz, the four-wheeler. Required within one year of preparation pembuatannya, because this type has many variations according to the order of Sunan. John.C.Potter a seller get the car to take the trust sending from Europe.

Year 1907 one of the king's family in the Solo, Kanjeng Raden Sosrodiningrat purchase a Daimler car brand. Car brand cars are quite expensive and only owned by the noble. This car works with the four-cylinder with the same vehicle used by the Governor-General in Batavia. In fact, birds have news that Daimler dibelinya car by family Sunan Solo, caused Sunan not lose prestige with the Governor General. Previously, when the Governor is still using the Fiat car brand, or a train is drawn with 40 horses, no one shall dare menyainginya. But suddenly it Sunan Solo ordering the car from the factory and the same brand, Kanjeng Raden Sosrodiningrat order Daimlernya car through Prottel & Co..

Indonesia other people who also have a family of private cars is the Sultan of Ternate in 1913. Desires to have and on your own 'train the devil', after enjoy sitting in the car brand that Dick King brought by a Dutch tour in Maluku. Sultan so impressed and immediately order a customized car with the condition of the area, not as King Dick the tricycle, but the Sultan of Ternate want four-wheel vehicle that can be brought only where if he wanted.

There are also other people of Indonesia, as the owner of the car for the first region, in Pekalongan. Name Raden Mas Ario Tjondro, Regent Berebes. In 1904 the car in sight and fro in the city. Orient Backboard brand car, the car is equipped with forward and reverse gear. But only one eight-cylinder and strength PK, and use the energy chain to menggerakan wheel-rodanya.

Ramainya market-selling car, arouse the interest of the powerful to act as a car importer. The idea to dive into the world trade over the import sector is still very rare indeed. Besides there is no legal certainty, also like the spirit is still with the fingers can be calculated. So bermunculanlah companies-companies that promise new services Management of the car's country of origin. Both from Europe and from the United States. However, there are only a few names that can stand up to years to the World War II. Among them is Stockvis & RS Zonnen Ltd, which not only take orders cars Europe and America but also provide tribes other parts required for cars and motorcycles. Also the name of Verwey & Lugard Velodrome and headquartered in Surabaya.

Other names that were not receiving the order, such as the import car owners O'herne who also has a Peugeot car also eventually become interested intermediaries such as importers car brand held. Also the name of H. Jonkhoff departure from the Piano and then infuse capital to act as an agent of the United States imported car brands like Ford, Studebaker cars, and the output of Germany, Darraq, Benz, Brasier, and other Berliet. There are also efforts to bring cars to Italy and France at the time the market gets less Batavia. But in fact, after the publication in / promotion of the production of both countries are purchased so many, especially the Fiat car brand pretty great shape but forceful. Branch of the importer is not the only car in Batavia and Surabaya, but there are also in Semarang, Bandung, Medan and other cities.