New 2010 Toyota Vellfire model

Toyota Vellfire This is the product of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) Toyota touted as the most innovative. Alphard classmates crowded the highway back and forth in Jakarta. Design of two-tiered headlights and a grille that makes the character appear more fierce than Vellvire Aphard. The second body dimension is not very different cars. Made a separate headlamp with body lines look stylish. Bumper foglamp also dynamically coupled vertical. Patterned LED Taillamp arranged separately, incorporating the front and rear cameras for security features. mention this car is very futuristic and comfortable. Inside is a seven-inch monitor that channel visual GPRS, and display car anterainment. Also provided for cooling beverage coolbox. Curtains at every window, designed to maintain passenger comfort. Chimney at the roof center Vellfire serves as Air Conditioning. Vellfire equipped with complete security. Cave eg frame structure that is able to reduce conflict, there is a radar that will be informed when the car in a collision risk conditions. Also surrounded by seven points to maximize the safety of the passenger airbag. Price Vellfire per February 2010 in Jakarta Vellfire Rp.840juta 2.4 V, Z 18 4.2 Speaker Vellfire Rp.830juta Platinum, Platinum Rp.745juta Vellfire 2.4 Z, 4.2 Z Audio Vellfire Less Rp.735juta, Vellfire Rp.695juta X 4.2, 5.3 Vellfire V Rp.1.350juta.